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In times of uncertainly one thing is true, education can happen anywhere and at all times. Many of you, like me probably are scrambling around looking for just the right things to send home. You are probably looking for review materials with just the right about of challenge to complete independently. Just like you, I want to ensure that learning occurs, is hands-on and engaging. So, I reflected and thought of a few things I could share with you to make this transition to distance learning easier. 


At this time, Leveled Prompts, are the best bang for your buck to foster distance learning. It allows the student to choose across multiple subjects and creates opportunity for parental involvement. Distance learning can continue as students reflect and respond to open ended and targeted answer prompts. This way of learning promotes written language, reading comprehension and math computation. I have created a free 1 page printable for grades 2 - 4 with over 30 prompts to keep your students going! Check them out HERE. Create a cute journal using 9 x 12 construction paper, add notebook paper, slip in the Show What You Know prompts for your grade level and attach a pencil with washi tape pencil, and there you have it! 


I included a few Daily Schedules in this FREEBIE to share with your families. They are undoubtedly trying to figure out how teaching their children from home, while keeping up with their own workload will work out. This helpful schedule, along with the prompts will provide the support they need. There are 2 blank versions to provide the student and their family the opportunity to collaborate on the schedule they will follow during this time. Sending home the completed version and a blank version will provide the family and your student with a guide when brainstorming their own schedule. The more autonomy the more likely that are to stick to their schedule. 


Just knowing your child will be home for an extended period of time can be daunting, especially when supporting their learning. Included in my Show What You Know FREEBIE, is a list of 8 things parents can do with their children just for the fun of it! Additionally, there is an outline of 8 things you the educator can teach digitally! It is important to maintain your student engagement during this time. Emotionally, your students’ may be feeling a bit disconnected from their regular routine. Recording short videos of you reteaching, saying hello, giving shot outs, or sharing a cool item in your home is a great way to keep your kiddos excited about learning. Class Dojo is an amazing application and website that you could use to do this. Class Dojo operates much like Instagram. Through Class Dojo students can text, send videos, and upload videos to your class story. Students can even comment on your posts. This is a super easy tool to setup in less than 10 minutes. Have you already gone home and worry about parental engagement being an issue? You can invite parents to your class by entering their email addresses or phone number. Get on it! 


Last but not least, think about where you are going to record your videos. Locate an open wall in your house, sheet protectors, dry erase markers, and my free subject labels to create a mini classroom. Add a few personal touches from around the house, outline your lesson using this cute video lesson outline, and pick out something fun to share with your kiddos and you are all set. Wondering what to teach? I gotcha covered there, too. Check out the prompts list for your grade or the 8 Things to Teach From Home sheet. Is there something on it that you haven’t covered or could reteach? Yep, snag a concept from there and go for it! Record and upload. This is how you handle distance learning like a pro. 

Got any other amazing distance learning ideas? Please comment below! I can't wait to hear all about them.

Happy Distance Teaching Educators & Parents!
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